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MCR's Hidden Vegan Secret #11: Hillgate Cakery

MCR's Hidden Vegan Secret #11: Hillgate Cakery

Location: Stockport

Address: 22 Lower Hillgate, Stockport, SK1 1JE
Category: Bakery & coffee house
Opening hours: Tue-Wed 12pm-6pm, Thurs 12pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-6pm, Sun 12-4pm
Veganness: 100% vegan!
Price range for meal: ~£2-£4 for cake
Wait for food: 2 minutes

This is the very first time we've covered an area outside of Manchester, but long term plan for this website is to cover all areas of Greater Manchester. This time we're covering Hillgate Cakery in Stockport. And boy is it worth a visit!

Founded in 2017, Hillgate Cakery is a fully vegan cake shop in Stockport town centre. Following the recent closure of Teatime Collective, Hillgate Cakery is the only fully vegan dedicated cake shop in all of Greater Manchester. Recently I was thinking about what I would recommend as the best vegan cake available in the area, especially given that Teatime is no longer open. I came to the conclusion that Hillgate Cakery is the best vegan cake available anywhere in Greater Manchester.

I know there will be some of you who live in Manchester or a more northern suburb thinking "but it's all the way in Stockport". Stockport is less than 10 minutes on the train from Piccadilly, and then Hillgate Cakery is only a 10 minute walk from Stockport train station. Or if you have a bus pass then Hillgate Cakery is a 10 minute walk from Stockport bus station. It is more than worth the occasional visit to Stockport for.

The cakery offers a wide range of sponge cakes ranging from classics like victoria sponge to modern popular flavours like biscoff, various cupcakes, brownies and a variety of small cakes such as tiffin or millionaires shortbread, which you can see above.You can also get a range of soft drinks, coffees, teas, smoothies and milkshakes.

Hillgate also offer cakes to order. If you need a cake for a birthday party or a wedding or any occasion, Hillgate Cakery have got you covered.

The shop sits somewhere around 20 people and there is always a table available. I believe the long term plan for Hillgate Cakery is to expand and open a cafe serving hot vegan food, which is much needed in Stockport. For now though, go and visit Hillgate Cakery for the best vegan cake in all of Greater Manchester. You will not be disappointed.

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