Friday, 26 October 2018

MCR's Hidden Vegan Secret #14: Common Bar

Location: Northern Quarter

Address: 39-41 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HW
Category: Diner style bar
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-late. Food served until 9pm
Veganness: Serves meat.
Price range for meal: £8-£15
Wait for food: ~15-20 minutes


The Northern Quarter is what you might call the epicentre of vegan eateries in Manchester. There's pretty much vegan options on almost every street. Probably my favourite street though has to be Edge Street, where Manchester's most famous vegan eatery exists, V Rev. But you'll have to wait for the review for V Rev, this is about the blue bar across the road from V Rev called Common.

Common is a vibrant and trendy bar who have in the last year or two started offering lots of vegan options on their menu. Whenever I ask people in the Manchester vegan community for recommendations for a vegan breakfast, someone always recommends Common. It is a really good vegan breakfast. There are several vegan options for breakfast - a full fry up, a vegan hash and what they called "frijoles on toast". You can also choose your own from a list of ingredients. Here's what the vegan fry up looks like:

On all the menus you will find the vegan options labelled with (vv) which makes it easy to find. They do also serve meat. On their main menu they have plenty of vegan options. On the small plates the 2 vegan options are Korean Tofu and Padron Pep-Peps (grilled peppers). The only sandwich they do which is vegan is falafel wrap. They have 2 vegan burgers, an amazing katsu tofu burger and a more traditional vegan burger. As part of the big plates they offer 2 vegan options, a katsu curry and bahn mi, which is what I might describe as a Korean style tofu baguette (pictured below). All the sides are also vegan which include incredible kimchi fries. They also usually have vegan options on the specials board.

In the evenings Common hosts a few events such as quiz nights, beer fests, poetry evenings, and even art shows. Most nights there is nothing on however so if you want a quiet meal in the evening you'll have no problem. It can get busy in the evening, especially at the weekend but during the day it can be quite quiet. If you want to book for a large group such as a party then it's free to reserve a large portion of the back room. The breakfasts are served from 10am until 3pm and the main menu is from 12 until 9pm. Highly recommended as a place to try, especially if you've gone to V Rev and found they're fully booked and want a good alternative.

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