Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Support Manchester's Hidden Vegan Secrets on Patreon!

Manchester's Hidden Vegan Secrets was launched in August 2017 and currently has a readership of over 2,000 per week. I have had a lot of people get in touch to thank me for introducing them to new vegan eateries and for making it easier for them to find decent vegan food. I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement I have so far received. It makes me believe this is a useful tool for pushing veganism in Manchester, one of the UK's most vegan friendly cities. I am now launching a Patreon to help push the website to achieve more and to reach far more people.

Please check out the Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/mcrvegansecrets

What is Patreon and why am I using it?
Patreon is a platform where content creators of all kinds can raise funds to support the work they do and allow them to focus on their work rather than other income to subsidise their content. Supporters can support their favourite content creators with monthly donations. Content creators can in return offer rewards as a massive thank you to their Patrons.
I am asking for support to help make Manchester's Hidden Vegan Secrets the best it can be. There are costs associated with running the website and so far I have invested some of my own money to cover these costs. It costs to host the website. I am in the process of hiring a graphic designer to make simple improvements to the site. It does cost to visit and eat at the restaurants, cafes, takeaways and shops to review for the site. It takes a few hours to write the review and edit photos for every post. I do this all on top of working 44 hours a week in my day job.
In the future I would love to expand what the website can achieve. I want to hire a graphic designer to do a full re-design of the website to make it better and more accessible. I want to create simple merchandise such as stickers and badges, some of which would be given away for free to help promote the website. A long term goal would also to write and publish a book or zine, being the ultimate guide to vegan friendly places in Manchester. I would not be able to achieve all of this without your support.

What rewards do Patrons receive?
As a massive massive thank you for supporting the website, Patrons will receive a number of rewards. All Patrons will get to vote on upcoming reviews, choosing where I review next. For each post I take a lot of photos and only a small amount of them make it onto the post so Patrons will get access to the extra photos and other behind the scenes material. I will do monthly question and answer sessions with my Patrons. Once merchandise becomes available, Patrons contributing above a certain amount will receive some free merchandise. And if any supporter wants to suggest other perks they would like to see here I am open to suggestions.

What if I am unable to support you on Patreon?
If you are unable to support the website here on Patreon, do not worry. The website and it's content will always be available for free for everyone. I massively appreciate every single time someone shares posts on social media or follows one of our social media accounts. Those things really help the website to grow.

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