Sunday, 22 October 2017

MCR's Hidden Vegan Secret #4: Zad's


Location: Chorlton
Address354 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M21 8AZ
Category: Vegan pizza and burger and junk food takeaway
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 4pm-11pm
Veganness: 100% vegan!
Price range for meal: £4-£12
Wait for food: 10-20 minutes when quiet. When really busy up to 40 minutes. Phoning up in advance will save time when collecting. Delivery roughly one hour.

I wouldn't exactly class Zad's as a hidden secret, however this website isn't strictly about finding the most unknown places. I just want to share the best vegan places in Manchester, and that's what Zad's is. In my opinion Zad's is the best vegan junk fast food takeaway I have tried, at least in the North of England. Certainly the best in Manchester.

Zad's opened up earlier in 2017 on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton. It was set up by vegans with lots of experience working in vegan and non-vegan kitchens. They only employ vegans as well. In my view, this is why Zad's is so great. Junk food vegan chiefs running a vegan junk food takeaway. They know what vegans want and what vegans are missing in Manchester. And they know how to run a kitchen well.

On to the food. Zad's has a large range of vegan pizzas, as well as an option to create your own by choosing your own toppings. This includes a range of vegan meat alternatives including pepperoni, hot dog and smoked seitan. They have a Pig Save Pizza where for every sale 50p will be donated to one of the many Animal Save groups. Zad's also offer a wide range of vegan burgers. Their signature burger, known as the Zad Burger, contains double patty, cheese, avocado & either an onion or pineapple ring. It is heavenly for those who like their junk food. Sides include chips, cheesy chips, curly fries, vegan chicken nuggets, and loaded fries. They also have a range of vegan desserts, usually cupcakes or brownies. The desserts aren't on their menu because the desserts change regularly.

Since Zad's opened up in what many consider to be Manchester's most vegan populated neighbourhood, it has become very popular. Visit it at 7pm on a Saturday night and there will be queues of people waiting for foods. Originally Zad's intended to offer delivery, but when they opened up they didn't do delivery. This was because they wanted learn how to cope with the already large number of customers they gathered when they opened before expanding to delivery. They have since started offering delivery, but this again is limited and only done if you phone up and pay by cash when the food arrives at your home. Eventually they plan to launch the ability to order online and pay by card on their website for delivery. They are always advertising for more people with cars to become deliverers for them if anyone is interested. They currently only deliver within 3 miles of their Chorlton base.

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